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About Purifi Organic Fresh

Purifi Organic Fresh® is the latest product development from the MRD Group. Purifi Organic Fresh is an organic plant based sanitizer that comes in two forms; a hand sanitizer and a surface disinfectant. Purifi kills 99.9% of all germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi. Purifi Organic Fresh is manufactured in Paarl in Cape Town and distributed nationally in South Africa and will be exported into Africa in the coming months. Purifi Organic Fresh has been developed to help the promotion of healthcare through a non abrasive and non-toxic sanitizer.

Why Purifi Organic Fresh?

Purifi Organic Fresh is a cutting-edge, rapid acting organic formulation of sanitizer and disinfectant for use on hands, surfaces and equipment. Purifi Organic Fresh Purifi kills 99.9% of all germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi. The water-based solution is alcohol, chlorine and chemical free.

South African manufactured, Organic Fresh, has been independently tested against bactericidal activities and complies with EU Standards. Organic Fresh also has the following certification:

• EU Certification EN1276 – Anti Bacterial
• EuroFins: EU Lab Tested
• SANS1853: Disinfectants and antiseptics
• SANS51650: Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics
• SANS51276 Disinfectants bactericidal efficacy
• Merieux Nutrisciences Microbiologist tested: SANAS
• Halaal Certificate pending

Purifi Organic Fresh is ideal for private and commercial use and is suitable for fogging and misting on all surfaces from steel to tiles to fabrics. Purifi Organic Fresh is effective immediately and is suitable for all surfaces and equipment disinfection such as doors, windows, knobs, benches, trolleys, floors, baths, sinks, tools, beds, bed sheets and more.

The Purifi Organic Fresh Teams Goals Are

Support the people of RSA in the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic

Provide All South Africans with a natural and safe sanitizing solution that is not harmful to their health

Promote better Hygiene and Healthcare

Surface disinfecting to aid fight against the spread of viruses

Support RSA Government and Respective Departments

100% Organic Hand Sanitizer
Organic Hand Sanitizer
Safe Sanitizer

Active Ingredients in Purifi Organic Fresh

Purified water
Citrus Bioflavonoids
Spice Extract Compound
Terpenes, vitamin C, and Namibian myrrh

All ingredients are FDA Approved on GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe List)

Benefits of Purifi Organic Fresh

kills 99% of germs
Alcohol Free Sanitizer
100% Organic
100% Eco Friendly
100% Chemical Free
99% OF

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The Science Behind Purifi Organic Fresh
The Science Behind Purifi Organic Fresh
The Science Behind Purifi Organic Fresh

The Science Behind Purifi Organic Fresh

Purifi Organic Fresh® is a carefully formulated complex of unique flavonoids and plant extracts focused on the strengthening of the capacity of bacteria and microbes to limit and even eliminate the negative and potentially harmful outcomes of viral attacks. This is particularly well established through strengthening cell walls. Purifi Organic Fresh® formulations can be absorbed through the skin and the mucus membranes of the body, nose, mouth and lungs, making it a very suitable carrier for the flavonoids to be absorbed in the bloodstream and as such reach the important infected areas in the respiratory channel.

Safe Sanitizer
Disadvantages of Alcohol and Chlorine Based Sanitizers

Safe For

• All public, private, commercial areas
• Private, commercial and public transport
• Ports of entry and exit
• Airplanes
• Schools
• Indoor and outdoor infrastructure
• Retail and wholesale departments
• Shopping Malls
• Hospitals
• Industrial Zones and buildings
• All places of work, places of worship and events
• Safe for people, for pets, for food areas

Disadvantages of Alcohol and Chlorine Based Sanitizers

• Dry skin
• Alcohol toxicity (large amounts of ethyl or isopropyl alcohol)
• Skin infections and dermatitis (Itching, flaking, peeling)
• Skin and Eye irritation
• Respiratory disease and infection
• Disruption of the endocrine system killing both bad and good (beneficial) bacteria
• Dangerous for children
• Flammable ingredients and chemicals
• Fire hazard (OSHA - Occupational Health and Safety Administration
• May lower immunity
• Strips away natural oils

Office - 067 023 3292
Email - info@purifiorganicfresh.com
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